Carl Seidler

Concern about fire coverage

Dear Editor:

I am writing to express my concern and disappointment about what I feel was a major gap in local news coverage.

On Friday night, July 20, the manufacturing facility of a popular local, family owned business, Lost River Creamery, was totally destroyed by fire. Two local volunteer fire departments responded with nearly 30 firefighters and 8 trucks. Other responders included EMS, Sheriff Officers, and Chaplains. I would think this would be newsworthy.

When I received my local newspapers the following week, I was expecting to see some coverage of this news event because of the significant local impact and interest. Unless I missed them, I found no articles in either the print or on-line editions.

As a first responder who was present at the fire scene and also saw reports and comments on social media, I had knowledge of the event. For those who depend on their local newspaper to keep them informed of local news items, this news was missing. As a long time subscriber, I find this disappointing.

The size of the paper and the depth of coverage has decreased markedly over the years. The readers of Logan County and interested out of county subscribers expect the News-Democrat & Leader to keep them informed of significant local news and events. Please fulfill our expectations and needs.

Carl Seidler