By The Rev. Geoffrey Butcher

A member of my family asked me to write a song for her to be sung at her PEO Christmas gathering. I suggested that she send me a poem to be set to music. To my happy surprise she wrote a Christmas poem that I would like to share with you. 'Til we hear the good news of the birth and the star, is it Christmas? Or just a merry December day? Christmas is hearing the story. 'Til we sing Silent Night, Bethlehem, and Noel, is it Christmas Eve?

Or just a busy December night? Christmas is singing the story. 'Til we set out the creche with its virgin and babe, is it Christmas?

Is that tiny nativity first or last?

Christmas is seeing the story.

The baby, a couple, an angel, three kings are the vision.

The carols and hymns, of peace and the Son, are the song.

Luke Chapter Two, read from King James, is the story.

Christmas is seeing Christmas is singing Christmas is hearing the story.

Christmas is hearing the story that God chose to be part of human life in the person of Jesus. It is a continuing story telling us that we are not alone to fend for ourselves without God's love and presence. It is a story of Good News.

While Christmas is many things including shopping, gift giving, parties and greetings, it is especially a time for Christians to hear the story of Jesus' birth, to sing carols in his honor, and to see in creches and decorations God's gift of love to us seen in a tiny babe. For those who have not heard the story it is especially good to tell. It is a story that can fill us with heaven's blessings.

A Blessed Christmas to you all.

Editor's Note: This column was originally published on December 14, 2012.