I am guilty at times of “lumping.” I think we all may be guilty of “lumping”. By “lumping” I mean that I stereotype people groups. And as I reflect about it

I feel it is the major problem in our world. For we often “lump” groups of people together, such as Muslims, or Blacks, or Whites, or Police, or Women, or Russians, or — and the list goes on and on.

I started thinking about my problem of “Lumping” the other day when my father which is 88 years of age, drove from his home to our home, which is several hundred miles. Generally people would “lump” 88 year old people into a group of individuals that should be turning in their licenses, however my father’s trip was very pleasant and uneventful. Granted my father is aware of that time approaching, but not quite yet at least for him.

Really “lumping” is not healthy nor wise. I need to remember that the next time that I start to say or think that everyone is guilty of this or that, I am most likely wrong! I also need to reflect on how Jesus only “lumped” people into one group. “For whosoever”, remember John 3:16? And then there are the words, “For all”, remember Romans 3:23?

Several years ago when I was visiting Moscow, I was able to visit a little village in the interior of Russia. During my visit with a Russian family, the old patriarch of the family explained that they were taught to hate us. And my response was that we were taught to hate them. We were both guilty of “lumping”.

What I think I need is some special glasses that will allow me to only see the heart and core of people. I may also need some special hearing aids that will translate all languages into a Southern Country dialect. Or maybe I just need to keep working at being more like Jesus.

This column was originally published October 29, 2015.