"There's always something." I've heard that before (and said it). If we're not careful, we will look at our needs and not be thankful. Yet, God's will is to be thankful, told by a little story.

Two men were chased by a bull. One man said, "Quick, pray!"

The other claimed, "I don't know how."

The quick reply, "We have to."

"All right," our reluctant prayer warrior said, "This is all I know. For your bounty we are about receive, make us thankful."

We can be thankful in anything. Every time we get up in the morning and every time we pray we can be thankful and focus on the good.

First in the Lord's Prayer in Matthew 6:9, we can be thankful for God and His hallowed name. We are often thankful to God for good He has done, but we are also thankful for His goodness. When I lost a job I enjoyed doing, I had to turn to God, even though I didn't see the good blessings right then. But that year He showed up in powerful ways and even gave me a song.

His name is worthy of being honored because He is good, even when we deal with issues.

Second, in Matthew 6:11, we are thankful God gives our daily bread. I ate Taco Bell so much at WKU I think I became a cheesy quesadilla for a while. I was tired of Taco Bell for some time after. But even food I'm tired of or needs I take for granted, God has blessed me richly.

It's good to thank Him for our meals and thank Him for meeting our daily needs.

Third, in verse 12, we are thankful for the Cross for forgiveness and help to forgive. Folks have hurt us in 2018, but we can let it go because He was willing to forgive His crucifiers. Now, we have power through the Cross to forgive.

Last, in verse 13, we are thankful for every deliverance. I injured my back in a fluke auto accident in 2014. It seemed like a long time in a Nashville Hospital through surgeries and pain, but God delivered me up. Every time I have trouble sleeping, I'm glad I don't wake up there.

Are there new needs? Sure, there are. But when we thank God for what He's already done, He's able and willing to do so much more for us.

God has victories for His people in the year ahead. Let's consciously and vocally give God thanks for them.