By Donna Blake Adairville News

It is so hard to believe that February is over. That song "Don't Blink" has more meaning every day. But with March comes spring. The buttercups, daffodils or whatever you prefer to call them are especially pretty this year.

So much tragedy the past few weeks. Locally the tornado that came through and took a life. I didn't know Mrs. Combs, but my heart goes out to her husband and family. I understand from those who knew her she was a special lady. Then the destruction to Alan and Brittany Walker's house. Praise God they weren't home. Bless Martha Goodwin's heart too and thank God she wasn't hurt with the tree landing on her house. Remember those that lost so much due to the storm. There but for the grace of God go all of us. We never know when something like this could happen to us. We just need to hold our loved ones a little tighter and be thankful for every minute we are granted to be with them.

Then just as we were getting over the shock of the school shooting here in Kentucky, the one in Florida happens. How do we protect our most precious possessions? I don't have an answer to that question but I personally don't believe gun control will stop it. The ones intent on doing harm will still be able to get their hands on any kind of gun they want. The control will only be to the ones that play by the rules. Enough for that. Just keep these schools in your prayers as well as all our schools that nothing like this happens again.

The town meeting got our initiative off to a great start. We will be getting our committees together soon to start getting our goals laid out and continue on this journey to get our town back on track. Hopefully will be able to announce soon some help we may be getting in this journey. It will be exciting if it pans out.

Summer league at the park sign ups are available at the school and at city hall. You can turn them in to either. We will be having some evening sign ups as well. We will have t ball, coach pitch and girls softball if we have enough. We have a great park and we need to use it. Call Pam Thompson at 270-731-9422 with questions.

We will be having a city wide yard, garage, craft, bake sale on the square on April 14th called Market Days. If you need to make money for a project bring your wares to the square and we will have a fun day. I am trying to get some entertainment during the day to play in the gazebo. If you would like to sing or play music for a time during the day, let me know.

Keep H. C. Dickerson in your prayers. H. C. suffered 2 minor strokes and is in Vanderbilt as I write this. H. C. is a friend to everyone. He has so much of his mother in him. I see Mrs. Bernice in his kind manner to everyone. I think he is a little more mischievous than she was but she had a mischievous side to her too. I love this family and H. C. He is a dear friend and I ask God's healing hand on him. I know he is worried about his sweet wife and not being there for her. Keep H. C. in your prayers.

Coffee Bottom Girl

I've been seeing on facebook a lot lately "Do you know what this?" and so far everything that has been shown I knew what it was whether it was a wringer washer to a bag you kept clothespin in. It amazes me daily how much has changed over time. We quickly pick up our phones and check some question we are wondering about. I remember Mrs. Genevieve Savage coming to our house and convincing my daddy to buy a set of World Book. What a sacrifice for my parents to purchase those at the time but he thought an education was of utmost importance. I loved looking at those books and the help they provided in school was limitless. Now we just ask our phone. We even read books on nook and other devices. I still love the feel and smell of a book. Call me old fashioned, I don't care.