At the beginning of a new year many make resolutions to improve the quality of their lives. After an abundance of holiday food and good cheer some will undertake exercise programs and a diet. These good intentions may include becoming a better parent or spouse, giving more to charity, or taking a journey down a new path of life. Sometimes the ensuing journey meets a fork in the road. Should I turn left or right? Where will each lead?

Yogi Berra, the baseball legend, had a simple solution. "If you come to a fork in the road, take it." Whether or not his wit is nonsense or wisdom, when we meet a crossroad in life it is important to take it. Mark Nepo has written that when we meet a fork we shouldn't stall too long and "hesitate our way out of living. We can't experience everything, and taking one road will always preclude another, but agonizing over which to take can eventually prevent us from knowing any road."

Some people fear making a mistake. Instead of looking at life as an adventure to discover God's hand in all of creation, they think of life as a matter of do's and don't's as if God had a long list of requirements for us to satisfy with A+ achievement.

Such a view of life makes a fork in the road a scary proposition. If I take the wrong turn I'm guilty and God will be mad at me. Perhaps on moral issues when we willfully choose to do what is contrary to love, this probably applies. But often the circumstances of life are left to our free choice. Be who you are. If you discover that the turn you took leads in a direction you don't want to go, turn around or use your spiritual GPS (God Prayer Service) to recalculate your direction so that you can find the peace and fulfillment you desire. There is no need for guilt. Jesus' message was to free us from guilt -- you are forgiven, move on. If your first choice doesn't work, take the alternative. Taking ourselves too seriously leads to spiritual pride. Have the humility to accept your humanity and to be generous to others without judgment when they take a turn that needs re-routing.

God is with us all the time. God has searched us out and knows us. God follows our paths and is acquainted with all our ways. At the fork of any road, God is with us whichever way we turn. (See Psalm 139)

Editor's Note: This column was originally published on December 30, 2011.