There are a lot of folks that like old cars and trucks, especially when they are fixed up and run good. Some of the old cars and trucks you see around are "20 Footers".

What is a 20 Footer? I have been told that a 20 Footer refers to an old car or truck that looks really sharp about 20 foot away, but upon closer review you can see the blemishes. It may even sound cool going down the road until you realize it just has a nice exhaust system but has oil running out of it faster then it burns gas.

A 20 Footer looks the part but fails the test upon a real close inspection.

Most of us are ok at 20 foot away, but when you check us out on the inside, we tend to be lacking in some areas, and may even fail inspection.

God really cares about us and wants us to take good care of ourselves. He wants us to be clean and well groomed. He wants us to present ourselves properly. But more importantly, our Lord cares about the inside and how we run, think, believe, and even dream. He cares about the heart and mind of each one of us. I Samuel 16:7(b) states: " looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart."

We are all guilty of allowing our insides to become cluttered and parts of it to be filled with ugly yuk. That is where repentance and forgiveness comes in.

When I honestly inspect myself, with the help of the Holy Spirit, I can see the areas of failure along with the yuk. Then, as a Christian I can pray, repent and ask my Lord for help. Instantly He is ready to help clean me up on the inside. He starts with forgiving me, for allowing myself to get in such a mess and He washes me as clean as snow!

Once I repent, and He forgives and cleans me - I am far better then any 20 Footer!

I'm so thankful I can repent more then once, and be cleaned afresh. Stop, repent and let Him work on you for a while. Stop trying so hard at being a good "20 Footer" and start working from the inside out -- with His help!