Since word came down from the governor’s office restricting the gathering of people due to COVID-19, most churches have stopped traditional services to try and slow the spread of this new virus.

A lot of religious institutions are turning to the internet and social media to get the message of God out to the masses during this strange and unprecedented time. For Plainview General Baptist Church, taking the message outside to the parking lot has proven to be a hit among members and visitors alike.

“Some members mentioned they thought it would be a good idea to have people drive up in their vehicles. It turned out to be a great idea,” said Plainview Pastor Arno Kranz.

Kranz, who has been pastoring at Plainview for eight and a half years, is still moved to see how faithful those who love the Lord are. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

At 11 a.m. this past Sunday, 30 plus cars which carried approximately 65-70 people attended the first outside drive-up church service at Plainview. To say it was a success would be putting it mildly.

“We are planning on doing this every Sunday until we get back into the sanctuary, weather permitting unless restrictions become worse,” said Kranz.

The church also streamed the service on Facebook where those who could not come, could still be a part of the service.

“We heard from members who haven’t been able to get out say they were grateful for being able to be a part of the church once again,” Kranz said adding, “I have never heard so much good feedback.”

Kranz’s message Sunday was titled “In times like these.” The pastor says his thoughts went to the disciples when they were on the ship, Jesus was sleeping, and storms and winds came up.

“They woke him out of fear and He calmed the storm. It reminds me of times like these, where we need to trust in the Lord and depend on Him. He will see us through this. We must have faith and not be fearful for He will calm the storm,” said Kranz.

Anyone who wishes to worship with Plainview is more than welcome, said Kranz. The church welcomes anyone arms wide open... well maybe right now windows rolled down.