George Walker was found guilty in the murder of his sister-in-law Allison Walker on Monday.

The jury deliberated for approximately five hours before coming back with a guilty verdict. The jury also found George Walker guilty of tampering with physical evidence. On Tuesday, the jury gave a sentence of 50 years for the murder charge and five years for the tampering charge and suggested to Judge Tyler Gill that the sentences run consecutively. The jury opted not to give George Walker life in prison, but instead gave him the second highest

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amount of time he could legally serve.

If he serves all 55 years, George Walker will be 75 years old when he is ultimately released from prison.

"While we had hoped to get a life sentence, I am very happy with the verdict and the sentence imposed by the jury," said acting Commonwealth Attorney Justin Crocker. "We appreciate the time and attention of the jurors, and I want to thank every member of our office and every member of law enforcement for the hard work that they have put into this case for over two years. It has been an honor to fight for justice for Allison and her family."

It will be up to Judge Gill to make the final sentencing. That is scheduled to occur on March 1.

On Monday morning, the prosecution called its final witness in the trial - George Walker's brother, Chris, who had been married to Allison Walker before she was killed.

Chris Walker testified that Allison was his "whole world" and said that she made him a better person. He also stated that his brother George was his best friend prior to the killing.

He said that the days following Allison's disappearance were extremely hard emotionally and that he remembers "very little" of what went on. At one point during his testimony, he turned to his brother and forcefully said, "Look at me George!" before he was instructed not to do that by Judge Gill.

Defense attorney Nathan Beard questioned Chris Walker about his relationship with Allison and asked about how the couple would sometimes fight, which Chris agreed they did.

In his closing argument, Beard made the case that it was Chris Walker, and not his brother, who killed Allison Walker.

"This is a case about one man who told a lie to protect his brother, and another man who told a lie to protect himself," Beard said.