Benjamin Lamb, owner-operator of The Climb Adventure Lagoon, is being given more time by county attorney Joe Ross to sort out his claims of awaiting permit approval by the state to reopen his business.

A pre-trial conference was scheduled Sept. 13 in Logan District Court for Lamb who was arrested Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2018, for not having an entertainment permit; non-compliance with permit requirements issued by the Barren River Health Department concerning swimming, camping, and waste removal, and failure to meet requirements of the county net profit tax ordinance which resulted in Lamb's business license being suspended.

Lamb opened The Climb Adventure Lagoon in 2016. The business, which was closed in June 2017 by the Barren River District Health Department for not meeting specific permit requirements by the state, is located off the new section of the bypass located between Franklin Road and Nashville Road.

"My office spoke yesterday with Ben Lamb in reference to the upcoming pretrial conference," said Attorney Ross who is prosecuting the case. "When the case originally came to court, I offered to work with Mr. Lamb and allow him to seek the proper permits at the state and local levels and receive a more favorable resolution to the matter, so long as he did not operate his business without these permits, which would be in violation of the law. He is also currently under bond conditions to do the same. To date, I have received no reports that Mr. Lamb has violated that agreement, as The Climb has been closed while he waits on permits."

Ross said Lamb reported to him Wednesday, Sept. 4 that his permit requests are still pending at the state level. He requested another pretrial conference date as he is working out of state for his other business.

"As he has not reopened The Climb without these permits, I am in agreement to honor his request and continue his case," said Ross. Lamb's next court date is set for Dec. 13, 2019.

"The case is taking longer to achieve a resolution than most misdemeanor cases, but most criminal cases do not have the added hurdles that his (Lamb) does, mainly obtaining permits in what can be a lengthy process for a business such as this," Ross said.

Although Ross is willing to work with Lamb by allowing him time to follow the law, the charges remain unsolved and the bond conditions will remain in place pending a resolution. While the case is pending, Lamb is to have no illegal activity, including not operating the business without the necessary permits.

The Climb has been put up for sale.