Numerous people are searching for a lost dog in and around Logan County in hopes she will be found and returned to her family.

Lexi, who belongs to Dorothy and Paul Scheckter of Tennessee, ran off Friday, June 28 after running away from the sound of a lawnmower. She was staying with some friends of the Scheckters in Russellville on Plainview Church Road.

Lexi is a spayed, black and white Sheltie (miniature collie) with tan markings on her face. She is wearing an ID tag with phone numbers. She is listed at all surrounding animal shelters.

Lexi scares easy but is very friendly. A calm approach is best if you come in contact with her.

The last update on Lexi was July 8th when she was seen on Chandlers Road (103).

The owners and others have offered a reward for finding Lexi's and her safe return.

If you have any information about Lexi or have seen her, please call 585-329-6617 or 270-772-2341.