Magistrates met Tuesday, April 9 at 9 a.m. in the historic courthouse for the bi-monthly meeting of the fiscal court. The court manages the county's financial affairs. There are six districts within the county and each has an elected representative on the court.

Presiding over the meetings is Judge Executive Logan Chick. Tyler Davenport serves District One, Jack Crossley serves District Two, Barry Wright serves District Three, Jason Harper serves District Four, Robert Chyle serves District Five and Thomas Bouldin serves District Six.

Each meeting of the fiscal court begins with paying the county bills, road work requests in each district, elected official reports and department head reports. These meetings are open to the public and are held the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month.

Stratton will be pulling money from somewhere in his budget to pay for body armor needed in his department. According to Stratton, the bullet-proof vests his deputies wear have expired. They are good for a five year period.

"The vests break down when deputies sweat in them," said Stratton adding he is looking into purchasing vests that are worn on the outside of the uniform.

He said he has been told by the state there will be money coming from the sale of firearms to pay for the purchase but not until the summer.

Magistrates told Stratton to go ahead and order them now and reimburse the department when the funds come through.

"We can't have deputies walking around with expired vests," said magistrate Bouldin. "If the money doesn't come in you are going to have to buy them anyway."

Fair Board members Dee Dee Brown and Lonnie Epley addressed fiscal court Tuesday asking for the $5,000 the fair has been given by the county the past two years.

"The Logan County Fair has been very successful and is getting bigger each year," said Brown telling court members the fair board tries to be good stewards of the funds contributed by the county and uses them wisely.

Both Brown and Epley agreed the fair is not held to make money but offer a cost-efficient, quality of life experience for families in the community, however, funds are tight.

"This is a quality of life issue and I would be for raising the amount if they need it," said Davenport.

Magistrate Davenport, with the support of his fellow magistrates on the court, made a motion to contribute $7,500 this year to the fair board agreeing the fair is a quality of life event, one that should be supported.

Judge Executive Logan Chick was the only no vote on the motion saying he was for the fair but was voting no because the board came to the court asking for $5,000.

"I'd like to see you promote and grow the fair," said magistrate Bouldin voting ye on the motion.

Brown, who also serves as executive director for the Logan County Tourism & Convention Commission, asked and received the court's annual contribution of $1,000 to purchase bags that hold several pieces of information about Logan County in which the commission hands out at the state fair each year.

Magistrates acknowledged both the Logan County Extension Board's proposed budget as well as receipt of the audit of Logan County Fiscal Court for the year ended June 30, 2018.

Court members approved up to $500 to the Logan County Humane Society to purchase drain covers to be made from H&H Sheet Metal.

Along with choosing who the county buys fuel, asphalt, rock, tires and plumbing services from for the 2019-2020 fiscal year, the body also approved Com-Care, Inc. to handle the county's ambulance needs once again with no changes from last fiscal year. The cost is $173,000.

Mark Hopkins of Enscience won the bid for black fly treatment. Enscience, a local agency, has been tackling the pesky insect for Logan County since 2012. Hopkins charges $750.

The court purchased a Husqvarna lawn mower for the historic courthouse from Southern States for $2,559.

South Logan Water was given encroachment rights by the county to bore underneath Paul Young Road with the exception the contractors take out the necessary bonding and put the property back the way it was beforehand.