Auburn Health Care Manor in conjunction with the city of Auburn held a wave parade Friday, May 15th which drew numerous cars, trucks, motorcycles, and golf carts carrying supporters for the nursing home.

The parade was held to commemorate National Nursing Home Week as well as Older Citizens month

“What a phenomenal week we have had at the AHC,” said Desirae Cocanougher, Administrator for Auburn Health Care. “We had such an amazing day.”

Friday was also Patriotic Day for the facility, who wanted to celebrate not only the heroes that fight for our country but the ones who are also fighting every day to take care of the amazing residents at nursing homes.

“Words cannot describe how blessed we are to receive all the love and support from our Auburn Community,” said Cocanougher. “The residents loved every car that rode by, every sign, and all the love shared from a distance. It’s safe to say that there was not a dry eye on Pearl Street. From all of the residents and the staff of Auburn Health Care, we love you all and we appreciate you so much.”

Auburn Mayor Mike Hughes said he could not be more proud of the citizens in Logan County, and especially the Auburn area.

Please continue to pray for those at Auburn Health Care as it has identified its first COVID-19 case this week.