Gabriel Sirz gets his sack of books from Stevenson Elementary.

Gabriel Sirz gets his sack of books from Stevenson Elementary.

For the NDL

Recently Stevenson Elementary second- to fifth-grade students couldn’t wait to receive their new books. One of the classes even used the first ten minutes of recess to look through them!

Community Outreach Director, Elizabeth Dye, spoke about the excitement of the students. “It was like Christmas morning here at Stevenson, when all of our 2nd-5th graders received books provided by our IAL Grant!” The Innovative Approaches to Literacy (IAL) Grant funded the book give-way and enabled every student to have their own library. Some of the students came back to school and raved about their home reading time.

Fourth grader, Jakeria Burkins, said, “I read Ghosts first, then I started on Real Friends. My favorite thing about getting my very own books to read and keep is that I don’t have to turn them back in at the library. I get to keep them all the time!” Many of the students have made their books into their prized possessions.

Second grader, Randall Morrow, told his teacher about keeping them in a special hiding place. “My favorite books in my bag was Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt. I have a special place in my room to keep my books, so my little brother doesn’t rip the pages out.” Some further quotes were: Curtis Ammons, 5th grader, said, “I read my Human Body Theater book last night. I liked the prologue because the skeleton was funny.” Landry Hankins, also a 5th grader, quoted, “My brother and I both got new books yesterday, so we now have 20 new books at our house that we can share! I can also take some of them with me this summer to 4H camp to read. Reading this summer can help increase my stamina too!” Mason Davenport, 3rd grader, said, “Some of the books I got were Fireboat, March: Book One, and Roller Girl. They all look cool, and I am glad I got the books. I’m keeping them in a special tote at my house.” A huge “shout out” goes to all involved in the ordering, unpacking, bagging, and delivering of these books!

A very special “thank you” goes to Amy Clinard, Sherry Bouldin, and Sherry Garner for their help getting these books ordered and prepared to go home with our students! Hundreds of books + happy kids= Literacy Impact!