Students in the Russellville Independent school district returned to the classroom this week and, so far, things have gone about as smoothly as possible.

“I’ve been more than pleased with the outcome of this first week so far,” interim superintendent Leon Smith said Wednesday. “It’s been very clear that our administration and staff have done a good job of preparing for this.”

All students returned to classes at Stevenson Elementary on Monday, while students at the middle and high schools got off to a staggered start with a hybrid schedule that saw some attending class on Monday and the others attending Tuesday.

“It was almost like a ghost town at the middle and high school because there were so many fewer students in the building,” Smith said.

Smith said that the successful opening of the schools could not have happened without the help of the parents.

“I’m extremely grateful for the parents as they have been patient with us as we’ve tried to work out the bugs,” Smith said. “Because our schools have changed starting times along with all the new protocols — it’s been challenging for everyone, but despite it all, it’s been a very, very good week.”

There was one case of COVID-19 reported at the middle school when a student was confirmed to have tested positive on Tuesday after attending class on Monday.

“Our Director of Pupil Personnel Kim McDaniels and middle school principal Cameron Jackson worked with the Logan County Health Department on contact tracing and it looks like there was minimal contacts,” Smith said.

Smith added that the student is asymptomatic and doing well.

“This is becoming a way of life for us,” Smith said.

How many students may need to quarantine was not yet been determined on Wednesday morning.

“But with all the work we’ve done through keeping track of seating charts and keeping track of activities, it has made contact tracing easier,” Smith said. “We feel reasonably confident that we have limited the risks.”

One other small hiccup came at Stevenson Elementary with the dropoff of students and the time it took with the increased safety protocols.

“Since we’re taking temperatures before they get out of the car, student dropoffs have been taking a little longer; but they’re already getting used to that and it is already going much faster and smoother,” Smith said.