Photo by Chris Cooper Logan County's old hospital has a new owner.

Photo by Chris Cooper

Logan County's old hospital has a new owner.

In July the City of Russellville attempted to evict Alija Kuc from living on the property that once served Logan County citizens' medical needs for close to 40 years. As of September, the Florida man who is living in an RV behind the old Logan County Hospital, now owns it lock, stock and barrel.

Kuc had defaulted on a contract he entered into with the city in 2014 where he had agreed to pay $125,000 for the once-robust hospital now a vacant building. Although he paid most of the price, he had stopped making payments, forcing the city to file a petition of foreclosure. But before the ink could dry on the city's move, Kuc declared bankruptcy which stopped the city's efforts and put it on a list of creditors waiting for resolve.

"He recently came in and paid off what he owed us," said Russellville Mayor Mark Stratton, who didn't see that coming. "We thought we would have to wait but the bankruptcy judge allowed him to take out a loan and pay us."

Kuc paid $18,501.90, plus back taxes he owed to the city and county.

"We are happy this is resolved between the city and Mr. Kuc. We wish him well in his endeavors," said Stratton who had stated in the past that Kuc was a nice and hardworking man.

The city purchased the old hospital in 2008 under the Gene Zick administration from William Forgy for $150,000. Zick had big plans for the structure involving a revitalization company (AU Associates) out of Lexington who was interested in developing the property into apartments for those 50 and older. When the deal went south and Zick left his elected position early, the city was stuck with 4.462 acres and a dilapidated building.

Kuc was the sole bidder after the city decided to put the property up for sale in 2014 when Stratton was mayor.

The Logan County Hospital was built in 1950. The cost of the 52-bed hospital was $402,159. Another $50,000 to $75,000 was needed to equip and furnish it.