Logan County Solid Waste Coordinator, Nathan Cockrill would like to remind those who drop off recyclables at the county's center, there are bins to the side of the center to put commodities in.

The recycling center is located at 1230 Morgantown Road, and many people are bringing in their cans, paper, cardboard, and plastic materials to recycle, which is great," said Cockrill, However, some folks have been leaving the recyclables around the back of the center instead of in the bins on the side of the building.

"This has been frustrating for us because we can't use our own dumpster," said Cockrill, who in no way wants to discourage recycling.

By placing the recyclables in the proper bins at the center and separating them before dropping them off, this would be a big plus to the center workers to have the recyclable materials pre-sorted into separate bags or bundles for cans, cardboard, paper, and plastics.

"Wal-Mart or store bags are great to separate the recyclables," said Cockrill. "It would really help save the workers' time since they pick up an extensive amount of cardboard from businesses."

According to a blog by the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet, the average American discards seven and one-half pounds of garbage every day, but Kentuckians are more wasteful than the average. We landfill or recycle more than eight pounds per person per day. Most of this garbage goes into landfills, where it's compacted and buried.

Recycling typically requires far less energy than creating products from raw materials, uses fewer natural resources, and keeps waste from piling up in landfills. Recycling also offers significant energy savings in the manufacturing arena. It cost less to produce materials with recycled materials than it does with virgin materials.

Every time we throw a can, a plastic bottle, a piece of paper or anything recyclable into a landfill, into an illegal dump or onto the roadside, it costs money.

It costs, roughly:

$1,000 a ton to pick up litter

$100 a ton to clean an illegal dump

$30 a ton to dispose of waste at a landfill

But when you recycle solid waste, it's the only scenario where the taxpayers don't pay to dispose of waste, the public benefits, raw materials can be used for other projects and landfill space isn't used. Each item we recycle sets off a chain reaction of positive actions for the people and the environment.