The Russellville City Council held its bi-monthly meeting Tuesday, Sept. 3 where several ordinances were passed by the body.

The council and mayor manage the city's financial affairs. There are six elected representatives on the council. Presiding over the meetings is Mayor Mark Stratton. Serving on the council are Jimmy Davenport, Pat Bell, Sandra Kinser, Diane Walker, Larry Wilcutt, and Darlene Gooch. All were present on Tuesday.

Councilwoman Pat Bell opened the meeting giving a report on behalf of the city fire department. Bell reported the number of "runs" the department took for the month of August. There were 108 medical assists, 11 fire/fire alarm responses, seven service requests, and three motor vehicle accidents.

"We responded the other night to what we thought was a fire. All it ended up being was just where they had a barrel burning stuff," said Bell reminding citizens that open burning is prohibited within the city limits. "The burning of leaves, yard trimming, and household rubbish are prohibited," continued Bell. "If they (citizens) have a lot that they want to burn, they have to get a permit from the fire department and it is $300." You can have a fire pit for entertainment, however.

A second reading and passage were held Tuesday evening amending the annual budget for the fiscal year July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019.

A second reading and passage were held adopting the zoning map amendment regarding parcel owners John Cates and Robert Cates located on Herndon Road and the new Russellville South Bypass from Residential R-3 to Business B-3. The city council and the mayor on behalf of the city of Russellville deem said zoning change to beneficial to the city of Russellville.

A second reading and passage were held amending a current ordinance by removing a water crisis surcharge of .55 cents.

This is a charge the city of Russellville placed on customers May 24, 1999, to offset the additional expense to the city due to outstanding water and sewer revenue bonds. The water and sewer debt has now been fully satisfied.

The water and sewer rate schedule is as follows: first 1,000 gallons is $13.29, next 1,900 gallons is $11.44, next 30,000 gallons is $10.06, next 50,000 gallons is $9.15, next 400,000 gallons is $8.24 and anything over 500,000 gallons is $7.33. Sewer per 1,000 gallons is $8.95. Original Consumer Price Index will be used for any annual adjustments.

Two abnormal water usage waivers were submitted and brought to the attention of the council Tuesday.

The first involves a church who was billed $11,000. By a vote of six to one (councilman Larry Wilcutt abstaining), the council adjusted out $8,700 leaving them church with $2,996. The second was from a local restaurant which was billed $3,131. With a unanimous vote, the council issued an adjustment leaving the bill at $1,741.