Logan County Circuit Court Clerk Mary Orange attended this week’s fiscal court meeting to address concerns jailer Phil Gregory had expressed two weeks ago about the promptness of paperwork coming out of her office.

“I found out after the fact that my name was a topic that was brought up at the last meeting and I wanted to come today and answer any questions you may have,” said Orange to members of the court. “I realize that the paperwork my office processes has a direct effect on the county budget through the detention center. I am not personally aware of any case since I took office where an inmate has been delayed release due to ineffective or incorrect processing at my office. If there is evidence of such I would be happy to see that and investigate it not only to correct any specific issue but also to make any necessary changes to protocol in my office. I sincerely hope the Circuit Court Clerk’s office will be able to continue to work efficiently and cordially with all other county offices and agencies.”

Jailer Gregory told the court on Jan. 28th he had been having problems for quite some time getting the necessary paperwork for released inmates in a timely manner. Gregory said after a judge releases an inmate in Circuit Court, there have been times those inmates have had to stay incarcerated longer periods of time because the paperwork was late.

“It is undisputed,” said Gregory. “There were cases where I didn’t get the paperwork from the Circuit Clerk’s office for seven days.”

Gregory had said previously that he did not think this was a problem that began with Orange taking office last year as the problem has been going on much longer. Orange told Gregory she would be happy to see the evidence he had.

The jailer told the court he felt the situation was better now and did not blame Orange.

One of the solutions that have made it better, said Gregory is a Jailer’s Custody Order created by Circut Judge Joe Hendricks, Jr. which allows the jailer to release said inmates directly after court. Another solution, according to Gregory is the opening of communication between him and Orange.

“Mrs. Orange and I have been communicating one-on-one, getting the staffers out of the way, and it seems to be working well,” said Gregory.