Russellville Independent Schools were back for the beginning of their second week of in-person classes Monday, following last week’s fall break.

And while Logan County schools announced prior to the break that it would continue with a hybrid model, Russellville superintendent Leon Smith said Monday that he was unsure how long Russellville middle and high schools would continue to operate on a similar hybrid schedule.

“It’s kind of open-ended right now,” Smith said. “Our primary and elementary students are are all back to school on a full-time basis. We’re all very happy with it and how it’s going. After six days, it’s gone very well and we hope to be able to keep it up.”

Because the district invested in plexiglass dividers and there is plenty of room at Stevenson Elementary to practice social distancing, the district has not had to use a hybrid model at the school. At the middle and high school, however, it was not as easy to have students socially distanced.

Smith said that he plans on meeting with the high school administration soon to discuss a plan going forward. But whether it will be staying on a hybrid schedule for the foreseeable future, or resuming full in-person classes, has not been determined.

“We will have to have that conversation before our next regular school board meeting to see what they think,” Smith said. “We’ll run that by the board next week. It was kind of our goal to reconsider going back in full after the first nine-weeks, but we need to see if that’s something we are going to do at this time or not. We want to be able to let our parents know something as soon as possible.”

The school district has been in daily contact with the local health department and monitoring the situation since students have been back in the buildings.

“We do have conversations daily with the health department and we are trying to do this as safely as possible,” Smith said.