Photo by Chris Cooper Darlene Nelson offers more merchandise at her shop on 4th Street, Russellville.

Photo by Chris Cooper

Darlene Nelson offers more merchandise at her shop on 4th Street, Russellville.

Since opening in February, Darlene Nelson can't keep her doors unlocked long enough at her business Quilting Treasures & More located on Fourth Street, Russellville across from Dale W. Clark Family Dentistry.

"I've been so busy since opening I have had to hire an employee and lease the space next door," said a grateful Nelson.

Although Nelson knew that offering quilting services was something the community was lacking, she didn't know the volume her intuition would supply her with. It has been a busy journey, she says, but it has been one she is enjoying.

"I decided I needed a bigger space," said the master quilter, trying to meet the supply for the demand by adding more space. The addition holds a plethora of fabrics, threads and numerous odds and ends including customized merchandise such as T-shirts, bucket lanterns, and arts and crafts.

"I purchased a Gammill Longarm as well which is much bigger than the one I had. This one is 14 feet long with a 30-inch throat space. I can now quilt almost any size quilt," Nelson added.

If you have a quilt top at home no matter how old or new and can't find the time or don't have the experience in quilting, Nelson can get it done fopr you. She also can customize your quilt ideas and offers several ideas herself.

Along with all that is offered, Nelson also teaches quilting. She comes from a long line of ladies who taught her the importance of saving your memories in the most unique and special way ... out of fabric. Quilting symbolizes family heritage in everyday use and Nelson learned from her mother, grandmother, and aunts what it means to quilt and how it can bring together the past and the present for future generations.

"With my classes, we will make lots of projects from potholders to clothing and rugs and anything in between," Nelson said offering one on one and group classes.

For more information, you can contact Nelson at 270-925-9261 or just drop by.