Photo submittedMiss Kentucky 2018 Katie Bouchard recently visited Stevenson Elementary School.

Photo submitted

Miss Kentucky 2018 Katie Bouchard recently visited Stevenson Elementary School.

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Recently Katie Bouchard, Miss Kentucky 2018, visited Stevenson Elementary School. During her visit, she met with all fourth and fifth grade girls to encourage them to strive for a healthy lifestyle, set goals, and to make choices to help them reach those goals. Katie shared some of her experiences as a young girl through her college days and her quest to become Miss Kentucky. Miss Kentucky is able to travel and visit schools across the state of Kentucky to promote healthy lifestyles through funding provided by the Kentucky Agricultural Extension Agency.

She talked about the Kentucky Proud program and the importance of choosing to eat properly, exercise regularly, and to get enough sleep. She shared the importance of healthy relationships, goal setting, and working hard to follow dreams. She provided a great interactive program for our girls, and was very open with her answers to their questions. One of the girls asked Miss Kentucky if she was in the cool group when she was in school. Her reply, "Cool group, what's the cool group? I think there's never a cool group. You just have to find the people like you. That's your cool group."

Katie has a bachelor's degree in Social Work, and plans to pursue her Master's degree once she completes her tenure as Miss Kentucky. As her platform for her tenure, she chose the Family Resource and Youth Services Centers Program. She shared with the SES FRC Coordinator that she had met with the FRYSCs in each of the schools she had visited, and found each one to be so different in nature, and had learned that each school's center is tailored to meet the needs of the children and families of that particular school.

She noted her thoughts on the success of the FRYSC program was that although each center's goals were the same, each center was granted flexibility to address their specific schools' needs, work individually with children and their families, and in collaboration with other resources to strive to remove any non-cognitive barriers from a student's success.