Logan County schools had a pair of successful opening days this week as students were welcomed back into the buildings for the first time since March.

The county district began a hybrid schedule this week that saw some students return to in-person classes on Wednesday and some returning on Thursday. About 30 students have opted to stay on a virtual learning curriculum, which meant that only about 35% of students were in class on any given day.

“Considering we hadn’t done this in six months — we had a really good first day,” superintendent Paul Mullins said. “I was able to get to all the schools on that first day and everything seemed to be going really good.”

Mullins said that it was an emotional day for many of the staff involved.

“Our teachers love the kids so much,” Mullins said. “They’re excited to see the students and the students were excited to be back.”

With having small class sizes, it has allowed students to return as safely as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic, Mullins said.

“In talking with our staff, one observation I’ve heard had is that the hybrid schedule really makes this challenging time a manageable and enjoyable experience while also keeping everyone safe,” Mullins said. “Our teachers feel like they can really get a lot done this way.”

Guidelines have been put in place to keep students as socially distanced as possible and masks are to be worn indoors at all times, except when eating.

“I was told repeatedly that there were no issues,” Mullins said. “The guidelines we put in place to allow us to get back in person while being as safe as possible and, we didn’t have any issues with that. We are going to be consistent and diligent in following the guidelines — whether it be during the day or at extracurricular events. We’ll continue to work hard to meet the needs and expectations of the community.”