Photo submitted Champion Pet Food donates to Best Friends Animal Rescue.

Photo submitted

Champion Pet Food donates to Best Friends Animal Rescue.

Four pallets of dog-cat food were donated recently to the local animal organization Best Friends Animal Rescue (BFAR) by Champion Petfoods in Auburn. According to Belinda Humphrey, one of the founders of BFAR, it is because of the generosity of those such as Champion that BFAR can help as many local animals as they do.

"It helps so much and we appreciate their generosity," said Humphrey who with the help of many community partners, started up the rescue to help the homeless and helpless animals in our community. Champion has BFAR on a regular rotation schedule along with other rescues and shelters.

Best Friends Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization that is supplying foster care for the homeless animals in Logan County until a permanent home can be found. The group also provides necessary staples to the community's animals such as straw, food, shelter, and medical care if a pet owner is in need. The group can do this by accepting donations, as well as using their own funds to help.

Humphrey and her friend Linda Mackey Williams began their crusade around eight years ago by trying to make sure all dogs were in a warm place for the winter. The "best friends" had worked previously for the welfare of animals, and found it would be helpful if they hit the streets and roads of Logan County to search for those in need of straw.

"We began the straw initiative because we couldn't imagine those helpless animals with no way to keep warm," said Humphrey. "We didn't want people to think we were criticizing them by offering to help. Sometimes people can't afford to put straw in their dog's houses, while others just didn't think about it. I couldn't sleep at night knowing there were animals out in our community that couldn't sleep because they were so cold."

Today, BFAR is a thriving rescue thanks to several volunteers including Rebecca Wright and Rosie Latham who stepped up to help. But the group could not continue its efforts without the compassion and donations of others such as Champion.

"The two biggest expenses a rescue has are vet expenses and food," said Humphrey. "Champions food donations help relieve some of the monthly stress and we can focus on vetting the dogs we take in. In a three month period, we have taken in two heartworm positive dogs, one eye removal surgery, one bladder stones removal surgery and one surgery for a badly broken leg. Not having to buy food makes it possible for us to take in the dogs needing this type of help."

If anyone would like to help with donations, BFAR always needs pee pads, paper towels, milkbones, soft treats, leashes, and canned cat food. You can contact Humphrey at 270-772-2919.