Agents with the South Central Kentucky Drug Task Force as well as officers of the Russellville Police Department, acting on an anonymous tip, were able to bust an indoor marijuana growing operation on Friday, March 1 in Russellville.

According to SCKDTF Director Jacky Hunt, agents responded to 731 East 3rd Street and while knocking on the front door, could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from inside. The resident, Derek Olschewske, 48, allowed officers inside.

During a search of the residence, officers located an active marijuana grow inside Olschewske's bedroom. Upon further search, several ounces of processed marijuana and items of drug paraphernalia were located and seized.

"This was a guy knew what he was doing," said Hunt. "This indoor grow had high potent product. It was a really good growth and full of buds."

Hunt says he knows there is a growing popularity to legalize marijuana but he doesn't buy that the drug is harmless and says he stands by what he has said in the past about marijuana being a gateway drug.

Hunt is a retired Kentucky State Detective with the Narcotics Division. He has responded to numerous cases involving a plethora of illegal drugs. One of the things he has noticed throughout the many years he worked in narcotics is wherever there were hard drugs such as methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, etc. there most always was marijuana present as well.

"Don't you think if marijuana were the drug to end all drugs that would be it?" said Hunt. "Why would users graduate to harder drugs if marijuana was doing it for them?"

Hunt said at this time marijuana is illegal to grow and to use in Kentucky and it is his job to enforce that law.

"Today's marijuana is not like marijuana of the past," added Hunt. "It is a whole lot more potent and people are cooking it down and using it in e-cigarettes otherwise known as vaping. "My job is to take this off the streets and we are going to keep doing that until the law changes."

Olschewske was lodged in the Logan County Detention Center and is being charged with cultivating in marijuana (5 or more plants), possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia.