Life Choice Pregnancy Center is hosting a special free event for youth groups and parents Wednesday, Jan. 16 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at Walnut Grove Parkside in Russellville called The Unaltered Tour.

The Unaltered Tour is a concert-style event centered on the Gospel. A team of young 20-somethings will speak truth into pornography, identity, sexuality, relationships, and sex. Through relatable, authentic testimonies and performances the team reaches students where they are. A gospel outreach event that promotes Biblical sexuality and pursuing a life that brings honor and glory to God.

There will be dynamic speakers and performances that share God's truth for love, sex, and life and inspire those to live unaltered by culture's influence.

Life Choice is excited to let you know that this event will be an amazing opportunity for youth, youth leaders and parents knowing that the important topic of purity is challenging for youth leaders and that students are searching for their worth in the wrong places.

One of the most important aspects of this event will be the session designed to equip parents to be able to communicate with their teens on this important topic.

The center knows this will be an unforgettable evening for youth, parents and youth leaders.

"I am so excited that Life Choice is able to have this national touring group coming to Russellville to challenge our youth to live with integrity and influence," said Melanie Manley, Director of Life Choice Pregnancy Center. "This show is filled with music, comedy, testimony and high energy fun. This event is for middle-high school and college-age students and their parents, youth leaders, and mentors. The Unaltered Tour is designed to help young people and young adults realize their purpose and also to discuss the pressures of dating and relationships.

"Our youth struggle more than any generation before us with anxiety, depression, peer pressure, social media and pressures of relationships. The Unaltered Tour is a great tool to give students hope in who they are, that they are designed by God and loved by Him. The show is led by young adults who are relatable and who have and are still walking in the same shoes as our youth. They share about grace and second chances and help young people find their worth in Christ.

"One of the most exciting parts of the tour is that they have a special private segment for parents, youth leaders and anyone who is working with young people. This session is designed to equip parents and leaders with honest truth about the real attitudes and behaviors of today's youth culture. The goal of this session is to set you up for success and equip you with resources to best support your student through their teen years.

"We also have some awesome door prizes. One lucky youth will win a pair of Apple Air Pods we also have restaurant gift cards and more. We have some great gift certificates and prizes just for parents too.

"Don't miss this chance to have a great impact on the future of your teen."