By Shane Humphrey For the NDL

For many of the students at Logan County High School, the brick and mortar building is the traditional way to go when it comes to receiving their high school education. For the small few who do not fit into the so-called traditional form of education, we are providing a virtual online opportunity for students at the middle school, secondary levels, and adult education. Logan County High School’s virtual school grows in numbers and scope of the offerings made to meet the needs of the students in Logan County. With the Virtual Performance-Based Learning that LCHS offers, it gives the school and students different avenues to meet the requirements for graduation and establishing productive citizenship in society.

The first form of Virtual Performance Based (VPB) learning is the L.A.V.A. program. It was introduced a couple of years ago and allows students to continue their education even if they have underlying factors that prevent attendance in the traditional school setting. These students have to be on grade level and work to support their family or have to stay home to take care of an ailing family member. These LCHS students will carry a full course load and come into school to check in with the administration at least once a week to ensure that they are staying on target. The process also allows the students to ask questions and receive assistance with schoolwork or topics.

The second form is the VPB class. The class is for the students who have fallen behind in their school requirements due to a variety of issues. The class setting is usually for students having trouble in the traditional type classroom. These students are placed on the Edgenuity program and work towards meeting the requirements for graduation. The goal is for the students that choose this route to graduate with his/her class. So far, this program has been very successful. Students are completing classes, gaining confidence, and developing the motivation to finish their education rather than dropping out.

The third learning program is the Adult Education Learning. This is LCHS’s newest program and is free of charge. It allows for any person who has attended LCHS to finish their high school education by using the Edgenuity program. The adult education classes are built around prior credits the applicant completed before they left school. The learner will complete the remaining requirements to get their high school education and earn a diploma from LCHS.

Finally, the Virtual Performance Based Programs offers different avenues for the LCHS students as well as adults learners in the community. These programs guarantee present and former students meet their requirements for graduation and the opportunity for a better life. The VPB program is not for every student, however for the few that have taken advantage of what Logan County High School offers many lives have been changed and careers started.