Those who work in and visit the Logan County Court House are now a little more comfortable with the installation compete of two new boilers that are used to heat the massive historical structure.

"I am tickled to death this project is done," said Judge Executive Logan Chick. "We had so many issues with the old system last winter." A final inspection was done by the engineering firm last week.

Tom Connolly, a boiler specialist, was hired by the fiscal court to oversee the project. The three bids that came in for the job were between $70,000-$164,000.

The courthouse, which currently houses the offices of the county judge-executive, child support, and county attorney as well as the Logan County Tourism & Convention Commission, has been a center point for the community since its construction in 1904, surviving numerous changes and a few threats of destruction.

A major renovation occurred in 2012 that cost taxpayers a little over $600,000. The renovation was decided on soon after Logan County was named among 18 counties selected to receive a new Justice Center. The county government was forced to start thinking about what it would do with one of its oldest landmarks now that the majority of its space was vacant with the judicial system moving across the street.

It takes two boilers to heat the historic courthouse, however, according to Chick, the system doesn't require much gas to run. "Our bills have never been high with a boiler system," Chick said. The second boiler is used for a backup.

The system that was replaced had been installed in the early 1970s according to the judge-executive.