Joe Hendricks

Joe Hendricks

Russellville attorney Joe Hendricks won the one local race that was on the ballot on Election Day.

Hendricks got 4,932 votes in both Logan and Todd counties in the race to fill the unexpired term of Circuit Court Judge Tyler Gill. His opponent, Logan County Attorney Joe Ross, received a total of 4,356 votes.

Hendricks outperformed Ross in Logan County, garnering 57 percent of the votes to earn the victory. Ross won the lesser populated Todd County by a similar percentage.

There are three years left on the unexpired term.

There was also two uncontested constable positions on Tuesday's ballot. Larry Christie was elected as constable in District 1 and Michael Holdren was elected in District 3.

There was also an unexpired term for District 1 on the Kentucky Supreme Court on the ballot. Shea Nickell won the race, which encompassed 24 counties, including Logan. He defeated state senator Whitney Westerfield of Hopkinsville. Nickell has 35 years experience as an attorney, the past 13 of which have been served in the Court of Appeals.

Nickell received 57 percent of the total votes in the district to win easily, but Westerfield, who represents Logan County in the state senate, won big here with 69 percent of the votes.

Turnout was strong in Logan County with 7,666 out of 18,418 registered voters casting a ballot for a 41 percent turnout rate. That was slightly lower than the overall state turnout rate of 42 percent.

All other races on the Logan County ballot were for statewide offices. Republicans won all but one statewide office with Democrat Steve Beshear narrowly beating incumbent Republican Matt Bevin for the state's top office.

In Logan County, Bevin won easily with 59 percent of the local votes. Other Republicans all fared better in Logan County, however. In the five other statewide offices, no Republican failed to get less than 64 percent of the votes in Logan County.