Congratulating clerk Scotty Harper on a job well done during the general election, Judge-Executive Logan Chick thanked Harper and his staff Tuesday for their professionalism during this election.

"I don't know of any problems," said Chick which drew Harper applause by the court. Harper thanked the judge and magistrates commenting, "It takes everybody not just me." Harper added a thank you to the judge as well as the treasurer Amanda Stratton for making sure pole workers got paid promptly. "It was a team effort."

Received nothing but positive feedback from the election, magistrate Robert Chyle says those he heard from wished future elections could be done the same way, allowing early voting instead of just one day.

"That would take a legislative change," said Harper adding he did feel there would be a future conversation about. "We've proved that it works."

Magistrates met Tuesday, Nov. 10 at 9 a.m. in the historic courthouse for the bi-monthly meeting of the fiscal court. Once again, the meeting was broadcasted virtually at Logan County

The court manages the county's financial affairs. There are six districts within the county and each has an elected representative on the court. Presiding over the meetings is Judge-Executive Logan Chick. Tyler Davenport serves District One, Jack Crossley serves District Two, Barry Wright serves District Three, Jason Harper serves District Four, Robert Chyle serves District Five and Thomas Bouldin serves District Six.

Each meeting of the fiscal court begins with paying the county bills, road work requests in each district, and elected official and department head reports. These meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month.

Magiatrate Jack Crossley was absent Tuesday, however, he did text in his approval, even though it didn't count as a vote, in the choice of Scott Murphy for $75,990 to construct a bridge on Campground Road in his district.

Blacktop is going down on several roads in the county and Judge Chick says, There are some happy people around Logan County."

Two new sheriff's deputies were introduced at Tuesday's fiscal court meeting. Both are local and looking forward to protecting their community. Colin Smith and Fred McCarty will be leaving for the police academy in April.

As of Tuesday morning, there were 103 inmates in the Logan County Detention Center. The work-release program is still suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, jailer Phil Gregory has a plan that may allow inmates to work in Litter Abatement depending on how many the jail has.

Wanting to hire a permanent IT person to monitor and maintain the new CAD system and computer programs at the Emergency Communications Center (ECC-911), director Ginger Lawrence requested bringing in Issack Webb of Copperband Technology for $500 a month. Lawrence has worked with Webb and believes he would be an asset to helping her.

Due to the cost, the service would have to be put out for bids, said Judge Chick. However, the idea of hiring an IT person to monitor and maintain all of the county's computer systems may be something the court would be interested in.

Magistrate Davenport suggested the first step in that direction would be for all county departments to turn in an inventory list of their computers, printers, phones, etc. to get a better look at what the county has.

"I'm all for someone maintaining our technology for the whole county, not specifically separated. That's too many cooks in the kitchen," said Davenport. "This will be a good start."

Judge Chick mentioned the City of Auburn was having a Christmas parade and to his knowledge, that was the only parade happening in Logan County.

"We just have to hope they do the best they can with it and not spread the disease," said Chick. Magistrates voted to contribute $200 to the parade.

Approved reappointments Tuesday, the court voted to allow Jennifer Roberson and William Woodard to continue serving on the Logan County Public Library Board of Trustees; Sam Halcomb and Raquel Nash to continue serving the Logan County Extension Board, and Pete Lehman the Logan County Tourist & Convention Commission.

The court approved the purchase of two 2021 Dodge Charger V8 all-wheel-drive vehicles for $28,831 each to be used for police cruisers at the sheriff's department. The motion included buying the vehicles from either the sole bidder, Hunt-Ford-Chrysler, or by state bid, whichever provides the vehicles the fastest.

The court approved to match a $2,500 spay and neuter grant received by the Logan County Humane Society from the Kentucky Department of agriculture.

Members of the fiscal court canceled the county's annual Christmas Dinner usually held after the first court meeting of December due to the pandemic. The court did approve, however, to bid out the service of providing boxed hot meals to each county employee to be delivered on a date yet to be determined.

The sheriff's department received a $4,000 grant from tobacco settlement funds to help with evidence room supplies. Sheriff Stephen Stratton gave Selina Blick, of the Logan County Health Department, credit for helping to secure the grant which will have to be signed by Judge Chick.