Adam Flick

Adam Flick

The Logan County Career and Technical Center held it's first ever career signing Friday, May 10, 2019, for Logan County High School senior Adam Flick.

The LCCTC has been working diligently to prepare students for careers and college readiness. As part of that mission, the LCCTC has been partnering with businesses in and around our community who have committed to providing work-based learning opportunities for students.

Throughout this school year, many businesses have employed and worked with the students. The school has gotten excellent feedback from students on the value these work experiences have given them by allowing them to apply their learning by actually performing the work. In turn, the school has gotten excellent feedback from the employers on the students' performance, work ethic, and growth in their chosen fields. As a result of this partnership, Vermont Thread Gage, made a full-time job offer to Adam.

"We are extremely proud of Adam for this achievement and we look forward to honoring other students for their accomplishments," said a representative of the LCCTC.

Adam will start his full-time employment with the company sometime in June.