A much-needed job is finished on Costello Road; which according to Fourth District magistrate Jason Harper, has been a long time coming.

A concrete structure complete with tiles underneath has been placed on Costello Road which is between Sharpe Garden and KY 79. The new bridge was built in the ford because the old structure had washed out.

“I have a few places in my district where water flows over the road,” said Harper. “This particular one on Costello Road was the worst and was in need of replacement. When it rains, it’s impassable. The structure that was there before was put in several years ago and needed a tile underneath.”

According to Harper, water pushed the old structure about six feet over in the road causing vehicles to have to swerve to go across it.

“It was an absolute mess,” Harper said. “A lot of people reached out to me from the community about this area. Between me and Paul Lyne, the county road supervisor, this was the one that needed my attention.”

The project, done by Scott Murphy, cost $53,000. Harper utilized a state bridge fund to help pay for it.

“Out of pocket expense for the county was minimal,” said Harper who is going to continue to try and get more funding in the future to hit the other flooding areas in his district.