The water line project in the east part of Russellville is wrapping up in a few weeks and will make driving through town a little easier than it has been recently.

If you’ve come into Russellville from Bowling Green Road, you have noticed several detours that have bypassed 4th Street and put you out on 2nd or 3rd Streets.

The replacement of several lines began in August and is a project the city’s mayor and council have been excited to begin for some time.

The work encompasses East 3rd and 4th, Breathitt, Caldwell, and a small section 5th and Morgan Streets. The project costs $541,578 and will see the replacement of 4800 feet of outdated lines to create better pressure as well as less maintenance.

Due to the project, some sidewalks have had to be replaced. Work on those is currently being seen on 4th Street. Resurfacing where the streets had to be cut into is also being done.

“Some of the lines ran under the sidewalks,” said Jason Henderson, Utilities Director for the city. There are also plans for future sidewalk repairs and additions in the city but those plans have yet to be nailed down.

Henderson added that Atmos Gas is also replacing several gas lines throughout the east 7th and 8th Streets which is more construction.

“There is a lot going on in town right now,” said Henderson. “We are wide open and working hard. I anticipate the water project- weather permitting- to be complete in about three weeks. I want to express our appreciation to those living, driving, and who have businesses that have been affected by the work. I understand it is an inconvenience but we are very excited to be able to provide these updates to the customers.”