Several throughout our community are helping each other during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most particularly, nursing homes in Logan County.

Creekwood Nursing & Rehab Center in Russellville began experiencing positive cases of coronavirus a few weeks ago. When their numbers began climbing, a call for help came out loud and clear for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which is extremely necessary for helping to fight this virus and slow the spread among our elderly and immune-compromised populations.

Auburn Health Care in Auburn received news of its first case of the virus this week and will for sure be needing our support as numbers may climb in this facility as well.

Along with PPE, community members have also stepped up to provide free food to the nursing homes in hopes that not only appreciation is felt, but giving these frontline workers the nourishment they need to continue to battle for our loved ones.

If you feel led to donate either PPE (gloves, face masks, sanitizer) or food to the homes, you can contact their administrators Christy Jordan (Creekwood) 270-726-9049 or Desirae Cocanougher (Auburn) 270-542-4111.