According to Logan County Solid Waste Coordinator Nathan Cockrill, one problem that has troubled people everywhere is what to do with "all that stinkin' garbage."

Cockrill says:

You can't burn it-except for paper and brush, that is illegal in Kentucky and you could be fined up to $25,000. Burning trash also produces dioxins, which are strongly linked to cancer.You can't just dump it in a sinkhole somewhere- that would also be illegal in Kentucky and bad for the environment. Plastic bottles, for example, take 450 years to decompose.You can't dump it on your neighbor's property unless you just like turning the hair prematurely gray of your friendly solid waste coordinator as he takes you to the district court.So, what's a Logan County citizen to do?

Cockrill reminds citizens that the state of Kentucky is currently encouraging counties to increase their household participation rate in garbage service. Currently, 85 percent of Kentuckians have garbage service. However, about 74 percent of Logan Countians do.


"We here at Logan County Solid Waste would like to see that participation rate grow," Cockrill said.

According to the coordinator, garbage service and recycling are good choices for trash. Scott Waste, LLC contracts with the county and the four cities within it to pick up curbside waste and recycling.

"This company out of Bowling Green has an exclusive agreement until 2020 to pick up garbage in the county, and there are benefits to this agreement," cited Cockrill. "The service is guaranteed to every Logan County resident, even if you live so far out the IRS can't find you, if that's possible. Also, the highest monthly rate in the county is still under $17, a lower rate than many counties around us. One county around us has collection rates north of $40 a month."

Scott Waste also offers recycling pickup every third week.

"You can recycle many items in the special green-topped tote, such as paper, cardboard, plastic, and metals. However, you can't recycle Styrofoam, plastic bags, glass, and Junior's used toilet paper and other similarly used paper," said Cockrill, adding it is not his intent to be an advertisement for Scott Waste, as another company or companies could have the garbage pickup service after 2020.

"I just want to promote the benefits of waste pickup for the citizens of Logan County," Cockrill added.

There are other good options for garbage said Cockrill, such as the two free dump days, the recycling center, and the waste tire days.

"Waste pickup is a convenient and economical way to deal with the age-old problem of trash," Cockrill ended.

For more details, call Cockrill at 270-726-7220 or check Scott Waste's web page at