Benjamin Lamb appeared in Logan District Court on Wednesday, Sept. 5, before Hon. Judge Kenneth Williams for his arraignment regarding numerous offenses relating to his business, Camp Climb Adventure Lagoon.

Lamb was arrested Aug. 14 for not having the proper permits to operate a business within Logan County as well as failure to meet requirements of the county's net profit tax ordinance which resulted in Lamb's business license being suspended.

At the arraignment, Mr. Lamb was not represented by a lawyer. After being read his rights, Lamb and Logan County Attorney Joe Ross discussed what court date should be set based on how Lamb wished to proceed.

Ross said that if Lamb was seeking a trial, he would advise Lamb to hire an attorney and that a date could be set to check the status of his retaining counsel. Alternatively, Ross offered to give Lamb time to get the necessary permits in order to operate the business in compliance with all applicable laws. Ross said that if such a result was achieved, the case could be resolved favorably for Lamb on the condition that he maintain compliance with all permits and other laws.

Lamb expressed a willingness to work towards getting the permits necessary to operate his

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business. Both sides agreed on setting the matter for a pretrial conference on Nov. 2 at 8:30 a.m. to check the status of Lamb's progress.

Lamb said that the business would be looking to reopen in April of 2019 and that all of the necessary permits would likely not be in by November, but the parties agreed to nonetheless use Nov. 2 as a status review date.

While the case is pending, Lamb remains under bond conditions to have no illegal activity, including not operating the business without the necessary permits.

When asked for comment after the hearing, Ross said that he felt the conversation had at the arraignment was productive and that he is hopeful both sides can work towards a favorable resolution.

The Climb opened in Logan County in April of 2016 as a land-water obstacle course located in an old rock quarry off of 431 South. The business offered swimming, camping, live entertainment, hiking, and zip line.

In June 2017, the Climb was closed down by the Barren River District Health Department for not meeting specific permit requirements by the state. Soon after, Lamb said he started collecting "donations" to help cover the running of the park. He said he had been advised by an attorney by asking for donations only he was not required to apply for permits.