Judge Tyler L. Gill

Judge Tyler L. Gill

Tyler L. Gill has officially announced his retirement as judge for the 7th Circuit serving Logan and Todd Counties. The judge issued a statement Tuesday, June 11 which reads:

"My retirement as Judge of the 7th Circuit (Logan and Todd Counties) has been widely reported for months. Last fall I decided it is time to leave this job I love and take a leap of faith. My last day will be July 31.

"That a 34-year-old introverted lawyer from Todd County became a Judge surprised some. Me included. It did not happen because of a plan or outgoing personality. When I ran for District Judge in 1993 it was not a long-term goal. My only opponent withdrew months before the election. Those who likely could have defeated me in an election chose not to and so I have never been opposed. Without deserving it, and for reasons I do not fully understand, I was, and continue to be, blessed. Now 26 of the best years of my life have passed and I have enjoyed almost every day.

"Our judicial system is critical to justice in individual cases and to the stability and function of State government. It requires that many people and agencies function properly. No human institution is perfect, and justice can fail in the best system. But the overall quality of the system in this Circuit is second to none. I am confident about the people who make our system work and in its continued support by this community, and so I have great hope for our future.

"I have many to thank. I thank God for all. To my wife and daughter who always support me; to my father and mother, Charles and Sue Gill, who always supported me; to the people of Logan and Todd counties who support our system and dutifully step up when called for jury duty; to our Circuit Clerks, Deputy Clerks, Court Security Officers, Courthouse Staff, Pretrial Officers, Probation and Parole Officers, Social Workers, Lawyers, Police officers, Mayors, City Councils, County Executives, Fiscal Courts, and all community leaders; to my local church family; to my secretaries, Edna Ramsey and Nancy Matthews; to my Staff Attorneys, (I am so proud of each of them and their accomplishments), to all of these, thank you. With people like these and their cumulative experience, knowledge and imaginative minds behind us, we cannot help but succeed. I will miss working with all those who are now and have been part of our system.

"I will miss the meek and downtrodden caught up in the system. Those in jail. Those struggling with family, divorce, addiction, mental illness and those who had no family to prepare them for life. People unfamiliar with the system tend to think only bad people wind up in jail or in court. Not so. Few and far between are the mean, dangerous, arrogant, utterly selfish types of whom we should be afraid and who must be separated from the rest of us take much of our attention. Most are not what the public imagines. Many are indeed flawed, some more than the rest of us. But without direct evil intent to harm others. Many are remarkable in character and are honest, strong, loyal and just plain likable. These require and deserve patience, understanding, compassion and a tough love. Lessons can be learned from these.

"As a bonus, I received a remarkable years long education. To a Circuit Judge, every day is a lesson in the art of life taught by experts on government, law, history, philosophy, psychiatry, logic, ethics, drama, and human nature. A smattering of agriculture, geometry, physics, mechanical engineering, chemistry, and medicine is thrown in as well. To all my professors, thank you.

"After retirement, my plans are not specific, except that I hope to continue to be of service in other ways. Thank you for the opportunity to serve this State and Community."