Emergency Communication Center (ECC-911) Director Ginger Lawrence informed magistrates at the Tuesday, Sept. 8th fiscal court meeting that the new Computer-Assisted Dispatch (CAD) system would be installed and “go live” Oct. 1st. Lawrence has been waiting on the new system for months now as it had to be built. CAD is a method of dispatching emergency services throughout the county.

Lawrence also told court members that lightning had struck the water tower in Lewisburg again and burned the emergency radio system’s microwave which is attached. This is the second time this has occurred in the past few years. Lawrence says every time it storms there are problems with that reception from that tower site.

“We need to start thinking about the bidding process to move this microwave,” said Lawrence adding there is no trouble at the sites in Auburn or Russellville because they are not located on a water tower.

Areas being looked at for relocation include two cell towers off 106 and in Epley Station.

A vendor will be visiting Logan County soon to take a look at all the emergency radio sites and make recommendations on how the system can operate better. This will be the third time someone had done a study on the multi-site system that suffers from frequency issues.

“We’ve been having trouble since the system was put in,” said Lawrence. One of the problems, said the director, is when the two vendors associated with the system look into it, they blame the other.

The radio system was installed in 2010.

Lawrence suggested before anything is done, the county does its homework.

Magistrate Bouldin spoke up Tuesday saying until somebody owns the responsibility of the radio system, it’s always gonna have trouble. He noted that Lawrence and the sheriff’s department are not “radio gurus” and the county needed a professional to take responsibility for the system. Until then, he would not be voting to “spend one red nickel on it” until that happens.

“I’m not going to vote to throw money at this system, you can forget it. We (court) agreed along time ago to hire somebody to do periodic maintenance by a third party person and to come to do an evaluation and we have yet to do it. It’s never really been assigned to one person. We have nobody on the payroll that has the ability or knowledge,” said Bouldin.

Magistrate Davenport agreed saying, “I think we should go ahead and follow through and complete what we talked about a few months ago about a maintenance contract and determine how often they come. The last thing we want is to have an emergency to happen and a site to be down. You are talking about some serious repercussions.”

Judge-Executive Chick asked Lawrence and sheriff Stephen Stratton if they felt confident enough to write a bid document for such work?

“Yeah, we can figure it out,” said Stratton. “I mean, we will ask if not. I think we will just kinda rely on them to give us an idea of their recommendation on how they think it should be serviced.”