You are never too small to have a giving heart, just ask Amelia Kinney who is only four-years-old and wanted her classmates at the Russellville Christian School to have water bottles of their very own.

Amelia’s “Manga” (Debbie Torricellas) is a Tupperware consultant and when her granddaughter wanted all of her friends to have a bottle of their own, she went to work immediately to help her with her goal.

Debbie began collecting donations from friends and it wasn’t long before 55 water bottles were on their way to Amelia’s school.

“I ask friends and people where my husband (Phillip) works to donate,” said Debbie. “I sell Tupperware and they had water bottles on sale. With school starting and the virus, kids wouldn’t be able to use the water fountain, so I thought maybe I could get people to donate and help. I had people donate the price of a water bottle and I paid all the shipping and tax.’ ”

Amelia is the daughter of Bennie and Tiffany Kinney.