John R. Holder, Executive Director of EMS for Com-Care-Inc. wants to put everyone's mind at ease during a time when most are anxious about the coronavirus. Com-Care manages the Logan County Ambulance Service.

 "Everyone is concerned about the coronavirus and rightfully so," said Holder. "We at EMS just want to affirm to everyone in the community that we are confident and prepared to continue providing the highest level of care in the face of current events."

Every Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) goes through extensive training on responding to infectious diseases as part of their initial training. Furthermore, COM-Care's Advanced EMTs, Paramedics, and Critical Care Paramedics receive even more training at each step as they further their licensure. In addition to that initial training, Logan County EMS regularly performs continuing education to maintain proficiency for just these types of scenarios.

"This strain of coronavirus is new and certainly has its own challenges but preparing to respond to these types of emergencies is something we do continuously," said Holder. "We want everyone in the community to know that they have outstanding and well-equipped men and women standing ready to protect and respond when you need us. We are very proud to be part of a broad team of top-notch emergency responders in this county."

Com-Care is working very closely with the emergency management, fire departments, rescue squad, chaplains, health department, the local hospital, sheriff and police departments, and many others to ensure every citizen remains as safe as possible.

"We would also ask for the community's help," said Holder. "Please stand with us and be diligent in practicing social distancing, hand washing, and limiting potential exposure. You aren't only protecting yourself but you are protecting your emergency workers and your whole community as well. We are counting on you and you can count on us."