Russellville High School 1940 sophomore class

First row, left to right, are Mr. Walter West, Bessie Page, Mary M. Vick, Opal Dew, Jean Huff, Amelia Mason, Eloise Nourse, Helen Williams, and Rebeka Riley.

Second row, left to right, are Billy Edwards, Bobby Clary, Kenneth Thomas, Emma Kay Greer, Martha Cleavinger, Mary N. Griffth, Helen Taylor, Fannie Greer, and Kathryn Martin.

Third row, left to right, are Presley Herndon, Dan Hughes, Allan Clarke, Robert Pedigo, Billy M. Goodwin, Dorothy V. Miller, Dorothy Varble, Kathryn Guion, Frances Richardson, Emily Wilson, and Elsie Nealy.

Fourth row, left to right, are Phil Ryan, James Burgher, James Hinton, James Head, Frances Fowler, Annie Ruth Williams, Minnie Montgomery, Alberta Long, Ruelma Doss, and Clarence Kurtsinger.

Fifth row, left to right, are Robert Boren, Joe Smotherman, James Waters, Oscar Keeton, L.D. Glen, John D. Edwards, Billy Howard, James Crusott, Bobby Neill, R.L. Holloway, George F. Brown, and Billy Clary.

Those not pictured include Hugh Hollingsworth, Louise Hawkins, John Williams, Mary Campbell, Nanabelle Campbell, Standford Kees and Billy Matherly.