By Tulip Green Lake Malone News

Hey guys, I got up this morning with the most awful "winter condition." Its cold, the sun is not shining and there is absolutely nothing going on! So when the Hubby got up he said, "What in the world is wrong with you"! I replied, I must have the "WINTER BLUES"! I bet some of you know what I am talking about. You just drag around.

Thank goodness the Daughter called and I was "crying the blues" to her about there was nothing to do, all the boats were gone except a few crazy fishermen who fish when it is 17 degrees.. All the gatherings are over and of course I have the Big Blue basketball games but I am just "DOWN."

I must tell you that it is always smart to listen to your children because they can help any situation in a "nice, gentle way." She didn't say REALLY! Like somebody else I know.

She proceeded to tell me about hearing a minister preach that instead of looking at a negative situation you should turn it into a positive one. Then right after that I was looking at Facebook and saw this lady that said that this time of the year was the best time to get yourself organized. She began by saying I needed to take a look at my house and get it ready for Christmas and of course the new year. We needed to start with your closets. Well, would you believe that I did just that and I nearly flipped? One was so full of junk! All I could think was, "where on earth did all this stuff come from"?

I did just what she said, packed all the things I could not wear, because they were too little, and then took them to a friend.

Where on earth did I ever get all those boxes? People, why do we save things. The Hubby says I am a "pack rat. Most of them were for appliances I had purchased .... off to the recycle bin they went. Then all those old towels and sheets that I was saving for rags .... I could have cleaned forever and never used them all. There was a few things that I just "flat out threw away." Man that felt good. So good that I went to the kitchen and even cleaned the oven. Now I am ready to put my Christmas turkey in the oven but it just occurred to me that we are eating Christmas dinner at my sister's house.

Well, I have one more closet to go and guess what, I feel wonderful. The Hubby wanted to know if this was a little spring cleaning in the winter time. I just came right back at him with a REALLY!

So if you feel the Cold Weather Blues are about to attack you, just open your closets and take a look inside. When you are finished you will have room for all those wonderful Christmas presents. Santa is going to bring.

Till next time be sure to enjoy every precious moment of the Christmas seasons. And most important "remember the reason for the season." Bye now!