By Tulip Green Lake Malone News

Well, people it is that time of the year again. Old Tulip is having another birthday! Yes, it is one of those big numbers. Then you say to yourself, how on earth did that number get so big? Where did all that time go?

I can always count on the Hubby to make my day. He took me to lunch. I got lots of Happy Birthday notes on Facebook and even my dear friends sent flowers and cards. You know I love both. But as you know life goes on. I bet I have another one again next year.

Well, I am sure you all remember that I am a firm believer in miracles. If you have been watching the Big Blue UK basketball team you know they played West Virginia a week ago and won in the last few minutes. Then last night they almost gave me a heart attack when they played Vanderbilt. I am so glad they won because my favorite sister is a Vanderbilt fan.

They tied the score on the very last minute of the game. Of course it went into overtime and they scared me so bad so many times, I thought I was gonna have to reach inside that television set and help them play! I am sure you noticed that another miracle occurred in the last minute of overtime and they won! I just don't know if I am going to make it through this entire season. I truly hope these miracles hold up. Both the team and I are going to need all the help we can get.

I called by sister to brag and she said she didn't even watch the game. She went to the hockey game. What kind of sports fan doesn't even watch their favorite team?

You know I blame all this stress in my life on my "friend across the lake"! He introduced me to basketball and the Big Blue basketball team two years ago and I have truly turned "blue through and through"! It's all his fault.

My advice to you is be sure you are careful what you watch on your television because it might become addictive.

But in the meantime, live every precious moment cause on day your TV might just automatically switch to the Big Blue Station and you will be hooked forever!

Till then….Bye now.