Photo by Chris Cooper Shady Acres Trailer Park

Photo by Chris Cooper

Shady Acres Trailer Park

Residents of the Shady Acres trailer park off First Street in Russellville are at a standstill on what they need to do next, according to Sabrina Keith, who has lived there for two years.

Keith has been talking with some of those who live in the trailer park and according to her, no one has contacted any of them to let them know what is happening.

Three weeks ago the city of Russellville cut off the water at the park for non-payment by BTA Holdings Inc., a company that lists Braxton Anderson as the president. One master meter feeds between 14-16 trailers. According to records located, BTA was dissolved on Oct. 9, 2017.

The water to this property has been cut off several times prior for non-payment, according to the City of Russellville and two residents who live there.

Anderson, who lives out of state and could not be located, contacted the ND&L soon after an article ran in the Tuesday, June 19th edition reporting the property had seemed to be abandoned. Anderson claims he is not the owner of the trailer park as published, only the manager and up until April 2018 had worked for a company called CDH Holdings, Inc. out of Bowling Green.

"I called them up and told them I wasn't doing it anymore," said Anderson.

Keith provided the ND&L with a receipt where she had paid $380 in rent for May 2018 to a Fonda Bryant, who was later identified as Anderson's mother. Bryant contacted the ND&L through email saying she had collected rent at Shady Acres for her son.

When asked who owned CDC Holdings, Inc., Anderson refused to give the name associated with the company he worked for. Through investigation, the ND&L found the owner is listed as a Cedric Gumm. The ND&L found that Gumm and Anderson were, in fact, brothers.

Attempts were made to contact Gumm, however those calls have not been returned.

"We thought Braxton was the owner all along," said Keith, who added all of the paperwork she has seen in the past two years had the name Braxton Anderson on it.

Anderson claimed only three trailers in the park were actually paying their rent. According to Anderson in a Facebook message to one of the residents at Shady Acres, he was in the negative $10,000 already this year and "enough is enough."

Anderson told the ND&L the trailer park was closed down and a letter had been sent to those living there that they needed to vacate.

"They are now squatting and trespassing," said Anderson.

According to Keith, no one was ever given a written notice or has even seen a letter about leaving the trailer park.

The ND&L asked Bryant to verify that a letter was sent to ask residents to vacate the premises, but she did not respond.

"You have been 'duped' by those good non-rent-paying residents of Shady Acres," said Bryant in an email. "I have been collecting rents for my son for the last several months and only three of the tenants were current on their rent. The whole time I collected for him I never received a cent from some of them."

The water has been temporarily turned back on to the residents at Shady Acres by the city. How long is yet to be determined.

Russellville Mayor Mark Stratton said he wasn't sure what would happen but didn't feel it was fair to punish the residents who paid their rent, which was supposed to include water and trash service.

Either Anderson or Gumm owe $5,000 to the city for unpaid water bills.