Photo submitted

Photo submitted

The Logan County Sheriff's Office is currently investigating a report of "needles" found in Halloween candy in Russellville.

The reporting party posted of Facebook they had found needles inside a "fun-sized" Snickers bar a child had obtained around the square in Russellville the night of trick-or-treating Tuesday, Oct. 30.

According to Captain David Kitchens of the Logan County Sheriff's Department, deputies responded to a call from the reporting party and responded to the Bucksville area.

"We were skeptical at first," said Kitchens. "But within days two more calls came in telling us they too had located something similar inside their "bite-sized" Snickers Bars and that they too were on the square in Russellville trick-or-treating.

"They all said a single person handed them the candy but could not identify who that was," Kitchens said. "It's going to be hard to track down who may have done this."

Kitchens said if any child still has Halloween candy, it needs to be checked before they are allowed to eat it to make sure it is safe.

"Unfortunately, people do this all the time for attention," said Kitchens. "Right now we can't confirm or deny it actually happened, but when you have three people telling you the same story it is hard not to believe it."

As to the photo put up on the Logan County Sheriff's Facebook Page, Captain Kitchens said the candy bar was pulled open and the needles exposed by him to show what was actually inside.