Twin girls have been returned to their home after a long day of hard work by law enforcement that ended with an Amber Alert being issued and help by the United States Secret Service.

According to the Logan County Sheriff's Department, on Friday, March 20th around 1 p.m., 33-year-old Neely Blanchard of Bowman Lane, Bowling Green, Ky., left the home of her mother, Susan Blanchard in Auburn with her two 7-year-old daughters and did not return.

Susan Blanchard, of Auburn, had obtained sole guardianship of the girls previously through a Logan County Court Order, which described Neely as "extremely unstable.”

"The girls were residing with the grandmother, who has sole custody," said Logan County Sheriff Stephen Stratton. "The mother had some supervised visitation and was at the grandmother's home visiting with the girls, when the grandmother left to do a short errand."

When Susan Blanchard returned home, Neely Blanchard was gone with the girls and later told her mother that she was going to Dawson Springs to visit friends and for a camping trip, according to the sheriff.

"We weren't contacted about the abduction until Wednesday morning, though, so we really started out in the hole," Stratton said.

Neely Blanchard was involved with a sovereign citizen group known as "E-Clause," which believes the U.S. government is using the current COVID-19 crisis to control citizens, Stratton said.

Deputy Josh Toomey initiated the investigation Wednesday morning and worked until 1 a.m. when the girls were found safe.

"He really deserves a lot of credit for this," Stratton said.

Once Toomey and the sheriff's department had met the criteria for an Amber Alert, the notifications were sent out Wednesday night, around 9 p.m.

"When the Amber Alert went out, we started getting tons of good information," Stratton said. "We had a good idea where they were and then the Secret Service got involved and used their resources to track her through her phone and social media."

Neely Blanchard was then found and arrested on charges of two counts of kidnapping and two counts of custodial interferance. She was lodged in the Hopkins County jail, but will be extradicted to Logan County to face charges. Additional charges could be added as the investigation continues.

"There were people in Dawson Springs harboring her and further charges could be coming," Stratton said. "We're going to be presenting that information to a grand jury."

According to news reports, this is not the first time Neely Blanchard has been charged with custodial interference. She was arrested in 2013 after taking another of her children from a South Carolina elementary school when she did not have legal custody of the child.