Both Logan County and Russellville Independent schools announced late last Thursday that they would be closing through the end of spring break because of the coronavirus.

“Based on the recommendation of the Kentucky State Government, Russellville Independent and Logan County Schools will be closed beginning Monday, March 16th, through Friday, April 10th, in order to prevent community spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus),” the two superintendents said in a joint statement. “We understand that this is a big, but necessary, step which will create impactful challenges for our students and families. We have prepared options for supplemental learning and meal services in the coming weeks, and with the help of our community partners, we will get through this challenging period in our lives.”

Since then, both school districts have been working to make sure students that rely on free meals at the school are fed during the time off.

That began on Monday morning as cafeterias in all the local schools began cooking breakfast for children who need it.

“It has been very busy this morning but we all know this is an effort that will help feed the students who are used to getting both breakfast and lunch at school every day, “ RUssellville High School cafeteria manager Brandy Webster said Monday. “It is something we all feel passionate about. If we can help but one student, it is all worth it. We are working together which is what this school and nation is all about.”

Logan County schools superintendent Paul Mullins said his district began serving student meals on Monday as well.

“Right now students can come in and pick up their meals at the schools, but we are hoping to expand what we’re offering to satellite feeding facilities soon,” he said.

Mullins also said that he hopes his district will be able to start home delivery of meals soon as well.

“We’ve gotten the support to do that from the ministerial association as well as local firefighters,” he said. “We’re just trying to get that worked out. We’re very thankful for our community members taht are willing to help out in times like this. That tells me a lot about the quality of people we have in our community.”

Russellville Independent was delivering meals on Monday and will continue to do so over the 14 days that school is scheduled to out due to the virus.

“We sent home information with our students on Friday about how to sign up for the meal delivery, but we’re also directing people to our school website if they still need to sign up,” said Russellville superintendent Bart Flener.

The website for the Russellville school district is