Russellville High School Principal Ben Bruni and members of the Russellville High School Alumni Association are discussing plans to construct a memorial to former Panthers who were Killed In Action while serving our country.

“Mr. Bruni approached the Alumni Association wanting our help to locate Knob City and Russellville students Killed in Action (KIA). He wants to build a memorial for them on campus,” said Jean Reynolds. “We have received the architectural color rendering of a beautiful 13-foot monument we’d love to be able to construct with a lot of support from alumni, military families, and the community. Those KIA’s names will be on the monument.”

Any military hero’s family can purchase a brick with their name, branch of service, and years that will be added to the sidewalk leading to the memorial.

“It’s going to be beautiful, but we need a lot of help for it to become a reality. We’re hoping businesses can help us with donating some of the supplies,” said Reynolds.