The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) has teamed up with the Kentucky State Police and the Department of Criminal Justice Training to launch a new service that allows state license, permit, and ID holders to designate a preferred contact in which law enforcement can notify in the event the cardholder is involved in a vehicle crash or emergency situation.

Registering emergency contact information allows law enforcement to reach a loved one in the event you are involved in a traffic crash or other critical emergency when every second counts. This service is available for cardholders with a valid Kentucky driver's license, permit or ID and will be used only by law enforcement officials.

The Transportation Cabinet's emergency contact portal gives drivers peace of mind says, Governor Matt Bevin. The governor, surrounded by law enforcement and transportation officials, announced the launch of the Emergency Notice on March 7.

"Emergency Notice is a powerful example of how collaboration between government agencies can benefit citizens through practical, common-sense innovation," said Gov. Bevin. "Following a serious automobile crash, this valuable tool will significantly expedite communication between first responders and a driver's loved ones. Time is of the essence during an emergency, and we are excited to make this easy-to-use system available to all Kentuckians."

You will be able to submit your information either online, on the telephone or when you get or renew your driver's license.

"I think it is a good service," said Mary Orange, Logan County Circuit Court Clerk. Orange's office is responsible for issuing driver's license and says when you come in to get your license you will have an option to give your contact information right then and there." Orange went on to add if you do not already carry emergency contact information with you, this new tool can help let your loved ones know if something goes wrong.

"We're are excited to offer a secure registry of emergency contacts our law enforcement dispatchers and officers can access to bring drivers and loved ones peace of mind should the unexpected happen," said KYTC Secretary Greg Thomas. "In a matter of minutes, drivers can submit the name and contact information of a loved one online, eliminating the judgment call law enforcement officials have to make on who you would want to be contacted in the event of an emergency."

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KSP Commissioner Rick Sanders praised KYTC for their forward thinking on this project.

"This invaluable tool provided by our partners at KYTC will be beneficial to both law enforcement and citizens alike," said Sanders. "In certain circumstances, when minutes count, this program could mean the difference when trying to unite family members with their critically injured loved ones."

The contact information is integrated into the cardholder's driving record, accessible only to law enforcement officials for emergency purposes.

"With technology today, officers are often in a race against social media to notify next of kin that a family member has been involved in a critical incident before they find out online," said DOCJT Training Director Steve Long. "Identifying an emergency contact can sometimes be an involved process. Having this information in a database allows law enforcement to reallocate those resources previously dedicated to identification and better serve our citizens in times of emergency."

The service is available only to valid Kentucky cardholders, and users will be required to input their license number, date of birth, first and last name to verify their information. Kentuckians may submit one contact, and the contact or information may be changed at any time. Users are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the information submitted and keeping it up-to-date. Emergency contact information is limited to name, relationship, and phone number. Once submitted, the information is available the same day to law enforcement dispatchers.

The service is free and the citizens. Kentuckians can submit their emergency contact's name and phone number via the Emergency Notice portal on the website. Kentuckians with limited internet access may call KYTC at 502-564-1257 or provide emergency contact information in-person at the Circuit Court Clerk office in their county of residence.