Brandon Morris

Brandon Morris

On Tuesday, Nov. 13 Logan County Circuit Judge Tyler Gill granted a motion made by acting Commonwealth Attorney Justin Crocker to revoke parole for Brandon Morris, 43, of Bowling Green.

Crocker submitted the motion on June 6 after Morris was arrested and charged with first-degree criminal mischief, a felony offense in Warren County on June 4 when he allegedly caused $2,600 in damage to another vehicle parked in the Western Kentucky University Service Supply lot on May 28.

Morris has been on parole for a 2015 conviction where he pled guilty to custodial interference and sexual misconduct of someone less than 16-years of age.

Formerly of Russellville, Morris will now have to serve out the 10-year sentence he received in 2015.

Morris will sit in jail while also facing a theft charge of property over $10,000 or more. He was arrested in Warren County on May 29 after he was indicted in Logan County May 25. His wife, Dana Morris, was indicted as being an accomplice to the crime but was not arrested. Instead she was issued a criminal summons. The couple is being charged with theft of over a quarter of $1 million from Joe and Darlene Ryan of Russellville.

According to the indictment, Brandon Morris "obtained property upon agreement or subject to a known legal obligation to make required disposition and intentionally dealt with the property as his own wherein he obtained over $10,000 belonging to Joe and Darlene Ryan via a BB&T line of credit subject to an obligation to repay and dealt with the property as his own, thereby breaching a trust growing out of an agreement or confidential relationship with the Ryans." Dana Morris's indictment indicated that she "knowing and unlawfully committed the offense of complicity of theft by failure to make required disposition of property when she aided, counseled, and/or entered into a conspiracy with Brandon Morris."